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The Sweet Purse Lady’s Tips on How to tell if your D&B is the Real Deal

Posted by Melinda Latham on 5/31/2014

Hi, it’s the Sweet Purse Lady again and this month I am going to share with you tips on how to tell if your Dooney & Bourke handbag is the real deal.  My first designer handbag was a beautiful giraffe D&B that I bought from a consignment store.  I was instantly hooked on the impeccable style and quality. It’s not hard to figure out why millions of women have made the company a phenomenal success.

The company, which was started in 1975 by Peter Dooney and Frederic Bourke in South Norwalk, Connecticut, has a rich history of producing high quality leather products. Their first products were surcingle belts and suspenders. They didn’t produce their first handbag until 1981 with the release of the tack case and the equestrian bag.  Both of these were made from bridle leather. Their commitment to excellence has resulted in counterfeiters imitating but never duplicating their great handbags.

Buyers, contrary to popular belief, it’s not rocket science to tell the difference between a fake and the real thing.  All you need is a discerning eye for quality and detail, and you can take advantage of the incredible savings from buying a pre-owned designer handbag.

The first thing that I suggest any buyer to do when inspecting a pre-owned D&B is to look at the inside lining.  It holds the most important clues about a handbag. The two things that I look for on the inside are the quality of the lining and tags with serial numbers. One dead giveaway that the handbag is a fake is a signature lining.  Dooney & Bourke has never used a signature lining. Also pay close attention to the look and feel of the material. Dooney & Bourke will never use a thin flimsy material to line their handbags. 

D & B TagNext, let’s examine the second clue about the inside lining which is the fabric tag with the serial number.  Although Dooney & Bourke began making its handbags in the United States, now they outsource production to countries such as China, Mexico, Italy, and Costa Rica.  Inside of a real D&B, there should be a red, white, and blue fabric label sewn, not glued, to the lining.  The tags of handbags made in the America will say DOONEY & BOURKE, INC. D & B Tag2Made in U.S.A. but if production was in another country the tag will only say DOONEY & BOURKE, INC Also, there will be an additional smaller tag (if the bag was made in China) that says Made in China.  Remember, to check the back of the red, white, and blue fabric tag for the serial number.

Fakes can have the fabric tag, but on the back there will not be a serial number or it will be sewn upside down inside of the handbag. I also suggest that you do your research by going into the department store and familiarizing yourself with Dooney & Bourke’s quality.   Some recent D&B linings do not have the inside fabric tag with the serial number. The company has done this to baffle counterfeiters. Nevertheless, if you know Dooney & Bourke’s quality you can save hundreds by buying a pre-owned Dooney and Bourke.

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Also, ladies I want to share something about me every month as well. It’s not happen stance that my business is named Sweet Purseonality. I believe the name was given to me by divine inspiration. I wanted the name to reflect who I am as a person. I love designer handbags and shoes but I know that you can look like a million bucks on the outside and be torn up on the inside. I strive to look my best on the outside and I work even harder to be a sweet person on the inside.  

So I encourage you to look good but more importantly strive to be a kind, thoughtful and compassionate person. Okay that’s a wrap. I’ll talk to you next month.

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Date: 5/31/2014
Enjoyed reading your blog. You write VERY well. I learned some things that I didn't know before. Good job!

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